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We are

This practice was founded in 1985 by Moises Juberías, MA in English Philology from Madrid University and also Government Appointed Translator by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (“BOE”: Official State Bulletin of July 31st 1986). Its initial professional team was formed mainly by lawyers and accountants from Orihuela until 1997 when Leandro Baeza, both Lawyer (5 year studies) and Chartered Accountant (5 year studies) from Murcia University joined the practice as senior partner.

Nowadays the practice comprises several other highly qualified professionals as consultants such as barristers and solicitors, accountants, architects, social graduates and legal secretaries. Several experienced bilingual legal secretaries are the backbone of the practice.

PSB Moises Juberias y Asociados SL has a long and outstanding professional background of more than 30 years and it has achieved a name of good reputation and trust worthiness. Some ten thousand clients have been part of this success throughout all these many years . The clientele of the practice is formed in more than 90% by English speaking clients mainly British and Irish clients who either become resident in Spain or buy a holiday home on the Costas

PSB Moises Juberias y Asociados, S.L. has never advertised and relies completely on good practice and “word of mouth”. We have no ties or connection whatsoever with any builder or estate agent.

Our services

We guide you through the transaction ensuring you have a lawyer and where needed an accountant. At the Notary´s office, when signing deeds of purchase or deeds of sale, an appropriate translator is always there with you.

Our clients can, and invariably do, join our scheme to ensure compliance with their tax obligations. Again, part of our concern to be sure you enjoy complete “peace of mind.”

The practice provides translation services both written and oral.

We can draft Spanish bilingual Wills for you and give you complete assistance at the Notary´s offices for the signing and registration of the Will. If you own any property in Spain a Spanish Will is an essential.


We also offer many other services such as litigation, business accounts, etc so that all your legal affairs can be dealt with under one roof!